Applied AI & Data Science

How we do Data Science

In recent years there have been massive advances in machine learning and natural language processing - the main disciplines that we refer to when we say AI. We can help you unlock the value of these advances and understand how they can be applied to your business.

Once we have developed hypotheses for how your data can be used, we take a scientific approach and define clear experiments that can be run in order to determine the value of a potential intervention.

We specialise in unlocking value held in text and unstructured data. Most organisations have a treasure trove of documents, product reviews, emails, support enquiries, or other data that can be better exploited within the organisation.

There’s no magic here! Our Agile approach to applied AI means empowering employees and customers with smarter tools.

As soon as it works, no one calls it AI anymore - John McCarthy

Cutting Edge Technology

Our tech stack is constantly evolving - we embrace new technology and we’re always learning.

For machine learning and NLP we use mature open source tools including Spacy, NLTK, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch. These allow us to train using your data in secure cloud environments with complete privacy. Apache Spark with Python may be used to scale models horizontally, typically deployed on AWS or Microsoft Azure.

We build micro-services that expose RESTful APIs for easy integration. Modern datastores provide a wide range of options, we work a lot with Elasticsearch, Postgres and MongoDB. Our web applications typically use a full-stack javascript/Node.js approach.

About Atchai

Established in 2010 and based in London, Atchai is a consultancy and development house based in London, UK. We’ve developed innovative digital products for both fast-moving start-ups and massive enterprise organisations such as Bank of England, NHS, and Turner Broadcasting.

See some of our recent projects

Improving knowledge management across government

The volume of documents that government generates means that many departments are struggling to exploit their information fully.

As part of a cross-government initiative to improve how government manages its digital information, we are applying state of the art machine learning and natural language processing techniques to the problem.

interactive data visualization

Understanding Communities On Twitter

We're working with Parity to develop an innovative new product in the social media analytics space.

Our work involves developing a proof of concept through an iterative product development cycle, using AWS, Apache Spark, unsupervised machine learning and natural language processing.

The core technical approach has since been patented.

Social Media Analytics and Visualisation

Improving customer experience with conversational AI

Complete Flow is a platform for delivering conversational AI experiences. We built it to offer our customers full ownership of their data and complete flexibility in managing their content and workflows.

Offering best-in-class natural language understanding with easy content management and built-in livechat functionality.

CompleteFlow is now used as a platform to deliver conversational AI by everyone from UK police forces to Fortune 500 companies.

completeflow conversational ai

An agile, knowledgeable and experienced team of developers with a strong focus on enterprise, data-driven technical solutions. I have employed them for a recent, very challenging project mining the group associativity of social media networks.

I was highly impressed by the way John runs his team, the agile way in which they approach the work and even more pleased with their ideas and technical input. I would recommend the team at Atchai to anyone who needs a competent solution for any data-oriented enterprise project.

Adrian Leu