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Digital Consultancy in London

We specialise in

  • Open Source Software

    We always work with open source software that benefits from a large and engaged developer community.

    Unencumbered by prohibitive licenses, avoiding vendor lock-in, embracing web standards, allowing us the freedom to re-use, modify, and extend.

  • Drupal

    Drupal is an open source framework that currently powers 2% of the web - that's a lot! It's a stable, well supported platform, upon which we build applications and content managed websites.

    With Drupal, we can rapidly build and deploy complex sites, leveraging a large repository of modules built and contributed by the Drupal community.

  • Semantic Web

    Since the term was coined by Tim Berners Lee in 2001, the semantic web has captured the imagination of many.

    The vision is to separate meaning from presentation of data on the web in such a way that it can be understood by machines, and linked up with other data. This allows us to create truly intelligent applications, asking complex questions, drawing data from many sources.

  • Agile

    We work with Agile methodologies that force us to cast everything we do in terms of value to the end user.

    Agile allows us to mitigate risks, adapt and make changes mid-project, and with an iterative development process we ensure regular deliverables for the customer.

  • User Experience

    Our process puts the user first.

    The first step is usually a requirements-gathering workshop with key stakeholders. We build rapid prototypes, test them with real users, and make design decisions informed by data that's collected.

  • Scalable Web Applications

    We've succesfully delivered projects that are deployed across 30 regions, in multiple languages, handling traffic from 100,000s of users a day.

  • Data Visualisation

    Working primarily with open data, we develop tools that allow that data to tell a story.

Our Work

We work with enterprise level clients and creative agencies as a technical partner, and provide an end-to-end service for SMEs and charities.

Some of our recent projects

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Atchai Digital is a web technology consultancy and development house specialising in Drupal and Data-driven applications.
We're passionate about new technology and user centred design. We consistently deliver great results with our Agile process.